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Our production, product, and service portfolio is as extensive as the markets are complex. MK Metallfolien produces foils and superfoils of high grade steels and special materials down to a thickness of 0.015 mm. Our range of rolling materials and coatings yield surface finishes with e.g. low roughness and surface structures ideal for many applications.

Our particular strength can be seen above all in specific applications. Utilise our experience and our expertise: MK Metallfolien offers you the solutions you are seeking.

Thickness:Thickness: 0.015 mm – 1.0 mm
Width: 2,0 mm – 1.000 mm
Tensile strength:300 N/mm² – 2200 N/mm²
Roll ID:300 mm – 500 mm

MK-Metallfolien manufactures steel foils with mechanical properties to customer specifications or the recognised international standards (DIN, ASTM). On customer request, we can also produce various surface qualities within very tight tolerances.