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Automotive industry

Growing environmental awareness and responsibility to future generations are two arguments in favour of catalytic converters in mobile IC engines.

MK Metallfolien supplies manufacturers of catalytic converters for automotive OEMs with foils 0.025–0.1 mm thick for the Metalite®* in their TWC, DOC, DPF, and SCR applications.

Our superfoils offer greater cell density, and therefore a larger effective area in the same installation space. This boosts system efficiency and cuts costs.

* = registered trademark of EMITEC GmbH

    Advantages of metallic monoliths compared with ceramic variants

    • impervious to shocks
    • lexible design geometries
    • short heating-up times
    • low exhaust back pressure

    Our products can be found in

    • passenger cars
    • trucks
    • motorcycles
    • Zügen
    • motorboats
    • truck cranes
    • Emmission Reduction at VW-Volkswagen
    • Diesel and gasoline Catalyst Architecture