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high temperature alloys

MK Metallfolien produces and delivers highly oxidation resistant, ferritic high grade steels that retain their geometry and anticorrosion properties at temperatures as high as 1200 °C. With a minimum thickness of 0.025 mm and a melting point of about 1500 °C, this metal is a metallurgical masterpiece which globally only very few come close to.

The high corrosion resistance and dimensional stability are safeguarded by the high aluminum and chromium content combined with rare earth elements.

Drawing from experience we have gained from 25 years of cold rolling and our patented developments, we can refine the alloys we use on a continuous basis. This knowhow for high temperature applications receives worldwide appreciation from all leading manufacturers of catalytic converters for automotive OEMs, diesel particle filters and in the field of fuelcells and electrolyzers. 

For these applications we offer different coated and non-coated alloys which are resistant against oxidation and geometrically stable up to temperatures listed as follows:

  • MKM CrAl-SCR up to min 850°C
  • MKM CrMoW22 up to min 900°C
  • MKM CrAl4 up to min 1.000°C
  • MKM CrAl6 up to min 1.200°C

Details on catalytic converter materials can be found on our data sheets, available as a PDF file for download.

  • CrAI4/6
  • CrAI-SCR